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Studio Art Lessons

Drawing the Landscape 101

Landscape paintings take us out of our realities and make us dream. Create that sense of reality seems impossible to accomplish if you have never taken a brush in your hand, but we will break it down step by step in simple exercises so that you can learn to paint your own dreams. So, let’s start with drawing.

This 4 week course is tailored to students interested in learning or refreshing the basic skills and techniques to successful draw landscapes. Students will learn to understand and observe the elements involved in a good landscape painting such as planes, textures, values, atmospheric and lineal perspective, etc. Students will practice to recreate each element using charcoal, pencil and ink drawing techniques.

Class Details

  • Day: Saturdays

  • Age: Youth 12+ and adults

  • Time: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

  • Duration: 4 hrs (4  1hrs-sessions)

  • Fees: $70 (supplies included)

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InstructorAugusto Bordelois
Phone: (216) 548-9798
Email: augusto@augustofineart.com