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Studio Art Lessons

Drawing Animals 101

Whether a pet or a lion, we love our animals. So, if  you want to learn how to paint them, we will break it down step by step in simple exercises tailored to the beginner.

This  course is tailored to students interested in learning or refreshing the basic skills and techniques to successful draw and realistic animals. During the first three weeks, students will learn the simple shapes, proportions and textures of different animals. Students will practice to recreate each element using charcoalpencil and ink  drawing techniques.

Class Details

  • Day: Saturdays

  • Age: Youth 12+ and adults

  • Time: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

  • Duration: 4 hrs (4  1hrs-sessions)

  • Fees: $70 (supplies included)

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InstructorAugusto Bordelois
Phone: (216) 548-9798
Email: augusto@augustofineart.com