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Art Purchase Financing


For hundreds of years all around the world, only a small percentage of art enthusiasts have been able to graduate to art collectors because of cash flow mainly. Only a few of us can enter a gallery or a studio and pay for that piece of art that speaks to us with financial easiness. Other art lovers put some money down and make monthly payments for up to two years while the gallery keeps the artwork delaying the enjoyment of the art. A much larger group of art lovers have been confined to enjoy original art by visiting galleries and museums.

In this age of connectivity, credit check, instance financial credit, and automatic monthly deposits and withdraws, this way of selling art is obsolete. This obsolete art market model does more hindering than supporting local artist and galleries and creates a social and financial hurdle to large group of potential collectors around the world.

After all, if anyone can drive a new car out of the dealership lot or buy a house by proven trustworthy after a credit check and by signing a contract, why shouldn’t you be able to buy a less expensive item for your home or office the same way?

We believe that everyone should be able to afford and enjoy original art. It is this simple:

* Select any piece you love in this website or commission one.

* Put down a 20% down payment, allows to do a credit check, sign a payment plan contract and take artwork home today.

* 12-month payment plan for artwork valued up to $2500 after sales tax

* 24-month payment plan for artwork valued above $2500 after sales tax.

* 0% Interest

If you are interested in financing the purchase or commission a piece of original fine art, please contact us for more information

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Artwork Price $1,000
Repeat collector discount $ –
Artwork Value $1,000
Sale tax $75.50
Down Payment $200
Shipping and transportation insruance $ –
(optional) Handling Charges Fee $ –
(Optional) Damage / Protection fee $ –
Amount Due $ 275
Estimated monthly payment (12 months) $ 60.38

At this moment, this financial opportunity is only offered to customers in the mainland territory of the United States of America, some restrictions might apply based on your state of residency.